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Massena High School

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Adopt A Senior Class of 2024

Dear friends, family, and community members,
I hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. Although we are well past the COVID pandemic, the seniors and sponsors have requested to continue the tradition, so we are holding the “Adopt a Senior” program again this year.
If you wish to adopt a senior you need to contact me, Kerry Perretta ([email protected]), You can choose someone that you know, or I will give you the name of someone who hasn’t been chosen yet. The seniors are currently filling out a “My Favorite Things'' form with their favorite candy, restaurant, hobbies, etc… After I have confirmed your choice, I will send you that student’s list of their “Favorite Things”. You can send them something from this list, or anything of your choosing. You must let me know if you are adopting a senior, so that we can mark them off our list, and be sure that everyone has been adopted. We prefer to have each student adopted by only one person/family. If the person you’re interested in adopting is already adopted, we will match you with someone else who has not yet been adopted.
Please email me, do not contact me via Facebook. If I don’t respond, I missed your email. Email me again, please. Many people in the community have expressed interest in participating in the program, so please don’t feel pressured into adopting a senior student. Every senior on the list from the high school will be adopted. We are asking that you spend a minimum of $25 on the gift, but there is no limit. The sole purpose of this is to try and let the Class of 2024 know that we are thinking of them and are proud of their accomplishments.
We are asking for the gift to be delivered between March 18th- 22nd if at all possible. You are welcome to deliver it earlier. But please don’t wait until after the 22nd of March. After the 22nd of March, I will confirm that all students have received their gifts. If you need any help delivering the gift, please email me and I will have someone deliver it for you.
Finally, if you’d like, post a short bio and picture of them with your gift on Facebook and/or Instagram. We want to share our celebration of them with the community.
If you have any questions, please email me.
Kerry Perretta