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Use of Electronic Devices in the School

Cell phones, iPods or other MP3 players, iPads, tablets, notebooks, or any other computing devices, cameras, other photographic equipment, and scanning devices, wearable devices/smart wearables, including smart watches and health wearables with a display, headphones, headsets, or in-ear headphones such as earbuds, and any other device capable of recording audio, photographic, or video content, or capable of viewing or playing back such content, or sending/receiving test, audio, or messages are not permitted from the beginning of first period (7:40am)  to the end of 11th period (2:16 pm). All electronic devices must be placed in the student’s locker during this time.

1st Offense: Cellphones is confiscated and student may pick up device in Students Affairs at 3pm.
2nd Offense: Cellphone is confiscated and parent must pick up device in Student Affairs.
3rd Offense: Cellphone is confiscated, students receives In School Suspension, and parent must pick up device in Student Affairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does my child get hold of me?

Ans: There are phones in all classrooms and offices for your child to use.

2. How do I get  hold of my child?

Ans: You may call the main office at 315-764-3700 and we will get a message to your child or have him/her call you back.

3. Should I buy an electronic device, such as a chrome book for my child?

Ans. Personal electronic devices are not allowed. With the approval of the SmartSchools Bond, there are enough chrome carts in the classrooms for students to have a device for educational purposes. There are 2 computer labs in the library and the business classes also have some computers. There are enough district devices, so that students do not need to have a personal device.

4. Can my child check his/her phone between classes?

Ans. Students are not to be on their personal cell phones or devices from 7:40am -2:16pm. If they are at their locker on their device, the stated consequences will be enacted.

5. Are student lockers being monitored for security?
Ans. Student lockers are secure. As long as your child does not share his/her locker combination or wedge his/her locker for easy access, the contents of the locker will be safe. Also, the high school has a very sophisticated camera system.